LED Grow Lights Use HOW MANY WATTS?!

Everyone welcomes. As you can see in the title, we will prove that it is not one, but the actual power consumption of three LED growth lights.

Some people ask, is LED more efficient? Why write “A thousand watts” in the title, or why say “600 W”? It is generally believed that the title of the LED labeling lamp will now be actually drawn is a very stupid example, because everything can be called a 1000-watt LED, and this means replacing a kilowatt HPS bulb or a high-pressure sodium bulb, So what is unnecessary is the actual power consumed.

Therefore, I really understand how easy it is to confuse these two things. I will say that I always record on Sam every time I record, which is not accidental whenever my When the light goes out, I turn on the switch, I will say to turn it off immediately, and Cob LED growth lights like this may be marked to replace 500 600 or 1000 watt HPSbulb, the growth results you get will be the same as those of spotlights, but the LED does It is very cheap and has actually improved their quality in the past few years. In the case of most people, they can work normally. We will use the first LED here to start it. It is sealed and 500. Model, so its purpose is to replace the 500-watt growth lamp. Ok, now it is flattening the 128-watt growth lamp for the growth lamp, so it is not 500-watt 128-watt.

Next, we have a light from the growing star, which has these creek AAB lamps, Designed to replace the current 600-watt growth light, now the Grouse star actually looks a little better than grass, but now it is pulling another 123 watts, not the 600 watts that many people might think of. ly, we have this kind of growth lamp and would like to replace the Full spectrum LED grow light of one kilowatt, which is Korean. I think this is the light of the cheap girl you said from Amazon because this lamp should replace one kilowatt, You think it will attract more power, but we will see that the power consumption is now 102 watts.

I chose the last one because I want to talk about why these numbers are sometimes misleading because I think that no matter Nothing looks much brighter than other lights, the light will not replace the one-kilowatt HBS bulb that will appear in a future video, when I get a meter to actually see how bright these lights will be, but advertising with such light, And it’s so cheap, you don’t actually get the output you expect, but it’s still like a fifty-dollar girl who can still grow well on plants and have that spectrum-I always It is not annoying to say that if you want to buy a growth lamp.

Make sure that the girl is all-weather like all daylight so that you will not wear pink tones throughout the house, but just because your eyes are chaotic and make everything look interesting, so what I learned today The content ensures that whenever you pay attention to the details of the list.

Buy LED growth lights, because it often misleads people, how much power is actually consumed by the brightness of the light, what is the actual power to be replaced, you also need to pay attention to the wavelength of the light emitted by the toy plant at different wavelengths will produce things for you Whether it is in the state of plant growth or flowering and blooming, you are trying to make it basically flowering, so a small amount of research on these few things, I hope you can find a suitable LED lamp, thank you for your attention as always Happy gardening adventure, and click the box here to go to the next video, thank you for taking care.

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Is the growth lamp you bought now suitable for you?

Today, I want to share with you a discussion of spectrum issues. Whether it is a red-blue LED high-pressure sodium and full-spectrum LED or cob led grow light a very confusing wide spectrum range, we will focus on the following questions: What is the best light collection spectrum? Choose one from each technology, the most important thing is to let all these different spectrum providers tell you, but they are the best, and for many reasons, their spectrum has certain characteristics that can provide you with better yield, And another spectrum. At the same time, because this is very confusing, you cannot really compare these things directly. What is the difference between the actual composition of the spectrum and our trade-offs?
There does not seem to be an overview, so we will try to describe it here, and first explain it in different ways of growth. What makes them different, and what are the growth characteristics of carats? You can expect from plants to plants growing under these different plant growth spectra, we will not use our own view to generate this information, but provide this information here, we will use the latest comprehensive research to study the different plants The growth spectrum is on the plant.

The research was carried out by scientists and Utah State University. Last year, we will show you how to extract key information from this research and share it with you, and hope they can understand it directly and easily.

Therefore, in this study, they used eight different growth spectra, and you will see that their composition is blue-green and red, which are the composition colors in our lives. You can see that they used three rather extreme examples. They are almost pure blue-green. Red is a light source that is not commonly used or widely used, but they use them. This is the purpose of the experiment, so we want to understand the extremes of plant growth. The five spectra in the middle are widely available and are the most commonly used grower spectra for growing light.

It starts on the left, which is warmer or lower color temperature and mixed light, so usually it will be lower in the HBS spectrum, you will get warm orange light, the color temperature is about 23,000 Kelvin, and then move to the right, the spectrum The number of medium blues will increase, which will change the overall color from orange to more blues, and when the blue and red in each spectrum are more mixed with green, the color temperature spectrum will cool down and then become Seven plant species were tested in this experiment and tested under different light levels, but the most important thing is to test their different growth characteristics, some of which are chlorophyll concentration atolls and leaf area we do not here Discussion, because it is not important to us, we want to study the most important parts of indoor growers are yield, quality and growth density, which will define the distance between nodes by the length or distance of the stem, so let us look at the drought You will see that Red and Blue LEDs have the best performance and only a small amount of other mixed spectra are picked, but they are definitely the highest, so our temperature and intermediate temperature are 3000 K and 5000 K, respectively.

The spectrum is very similar to mine, the distance between them is within 5%, it is very interesting to clear the red, green and blue at the top, and the spectral mixing they perform at a lower level is not great, so it really proves you There is a mixed spectrum that is better than a pure spectrum with any particular color, and then, the next step is that you can see that green and red match very well, so their photosynthetic efficiency in the same photosynthesis is in the 5% range, while blue is far Lower than red and green, but if you choose a mixed color of blue and green, where the proportion of blue is about 10% to 220% of the productivity, then I would say that green or red is very similar, so in reality, we only make 10% From 15% to 10% make excuses.

Next, we will see that this is a stem. As you can see from the picture, cool blue produces shorter stems, and we have determined that it is interesting that pure blue actually produces longer stems. Length, so you know it reappears, which proves that you are better to mix the required spectrum together so that there is a range of differences between the standard stem length and the optimal stem length, but you can choose red and blue again Or the intermediate color temperature, so in the best state accounts for about 10% of the total, so it is between three thousand and four thousand.

In the next issue, we will share that Hps Vs Led type lamps are more suitable for growing cannabis!

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